GNU social provides some tools to aid developers. Most of the more common ones can be accessed with the make command, for the corresponding Makefile. These tools range from giving you acess to a shell in the PHP docker container, a repl in the application environment, a PostgreSQL shell, running PHPStan, among others.

Pre Commit Hooks

A git pre-commit hook is provided, which gets installed when composer install is run. This hook is responsible for running multiple things that aid in maintaing code quality.

Specifically, we have setup:

  • PHP Code Style fixer
  • PHP Documenation Checker
  • PHPStan

These can be disabled for a given commit by prepending the command with one of SKIP_CS_FIX, SKIP_DOC_CHECK, SKIP_PHPSTAN or SKIP_ALL, to disable the corresponding step.


SKIP_PHPSTAN=1 git commit

These should be used sparingly, but they're primarily useful for work in process commits and when rebasing.


Check the Makefile for an up to date list of commands available, but notable ones include:

  • php-shell - A shell in the PHP docker container, where you can run commands from the bin folder (see below) or composer
  • php-repl - A REPL in the context of the application, allowing you to run function for testing. Note that this requires explicitly importing the needed classes with use Class; like in a regular file
  • psql-shell - A PostgreSQL shell, if you need to edit the database contents manually
  • database-force-schema-update - If some entity changed, run this to add/remove/update any missing fields
  • test - Run PHPUnit tests
  • phpstan - Run PHPStan

These can be run by using make php-repl, or the desired command


In addition, some useful scripts are provided in the bin/ directory. Typically, these should be run inside the Docker container. This can be done by running make php-shell


  • bin/console - The Symfony console
  • bin/generate_entity_fields - Update autogenerated entity code. Must be run after changing database definitions, i.e. when altering the schemaDef static method in a class that extends Entity

Check the Symfony Console reference for details on available commands.

In addition to those, we have added app:events, which lists the application events and their handlers and can be invoked as bin/console app:event